Inexpensive Gifts for Senior Citizens

Don't know what gift to get your senior loved one or elderly parent? Check out this post for a list of inexpensive gifts for senior citizens and get them something they are sure to love! #seniorcitizens #agingparents #elderly

Wondering what inexpensive gifts to get for senior citizens? These ideas will help you get the best gifts for senior citizens that are practical and enjoyable! Sometimes it can be a struggle knowing what gifts to give your aging parents or grandparents. Especially if they’ve downsized to a smaller place to live or if they […]

Care Packages for Elderly in Quarantine

Wondering what to include in your care packages for elderly in quarantine? Learn the categories of items to include no matter where your senior loved one is quarantined. #caregiver #agingparents #elderly

Does caring for the elderly in quarantine feel daunting? You can still be involved in their care by putting together care packages for elderly in quarantine. No need to stress about what to put in the care packages. Here are some ideas for you depending on where your senior loved one is quarantined. Whether at […]

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

Looking for tips and ideas for caring for elderly parents, here is the ultimate guide to caring for aging parents! #aging #aginginplace #elderlyparents

Caring for aging parents is becoming increasingly relevant in this day and age of longer life. Gone are the days of shorter life spans due to the miracles of modern medicine. While this is a blessing, it comes along with its own challenges. Why do I care about this topic? I’ve seen countless adult children […]

Welcome Caregivers of Aging Parents!

Are you burnt out caring for your aging parents? If anyone needs self-care, you do! Take care of yourself so can care for your elderly parents. Check out this post for some self-care tips and ideas. #agingparents #elderly #aginginplace

Welcome Caregivers of Aging Parents or Loved Ones! I’m so very happy you’re here. You are amazing and I want you to know that you are not alone. This blog will help find the resources, tips, and advice you need for caring for the elderly. Why am I qualified to give advice? After spending 10 years […]