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Christmas Gifts for Homesteaders and Gardeners

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Ever wonder what Christmas gift to get for the avid gardener or homesteader in your life? These ideas will help you get the best gifts for gardeners and homesteaders!

My husband is hard to buy for sometimes and, being an amazing gardener and homesteader, he absolutely loves any practical gifts I give him for improving his life on our small homestead. Here are some of the gifts I gave him that he loved! Weedeater, leaf blower, rubber boots, leather work boots, etc. See below for more details.  I’ve gotten some awesome Christmas gifts that I love and that are super helpful in the garden. After all men and women both garden and homestead! 

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Practical Gifts for Homesteaders and Gardeners

  • So you know your gardener or homesteader would prefer a practical gift but just don’t know what actually is practical? Practical varies from person to person, but basically something they can use to make their life easier.
  • Some people just make a little basket with some gloves, a spade, and seed packets.  While this is a great gift, I hope to give you some “outside the basket” ideas in all price ranges that make practical gifts for homesteaders.

So Here’s the List of Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Homesteaders

1. Leather Boots

Leather boots are a great choice for men and women who spend a lot of time working outdoors. Or you could get them just a really nice pair to wear for special occasions!

My son loves these!

2. Rubber Boots

These were a surprise gift from my hubby one year and I absolutely LOVE these Muck boots! They not keep my feet warm and dry and make great gifts for homesteaders.

3. Insulated Socks

I know everyone laughs about giving someone socks for Christmas, but I gave a pair to someone and 3 years later they are still talking about these socks and how great they are!

4. Weedeater

This is an expensive gift and my husband will only use a Stihl weedeater, but my brother-in-law gave my husband’s mom a lightweight lithium battery weedeater like this one and she absolutely loved it!

5. Leaf Blower

Even if you don’t have many leaves, a blower is great for blowing grass and debris off of walkways! Or just blowing sawdust out of the workshop.

6. Shop Vac

A shop vac or wet/dry vac is so useful for many things, especially cleaning up the mess in the garage when a project is being made.

7. Pressure Canner

If you do home canning and preserving, you already know the value of this awesome tool! A newbie in your life just starting to garden? Get them a pressure canner to preserve those garden goodies. Check out this post all about pressure canners.

8. Water Bath Canner

Next to a pressure canner is a water bath canner, great for making all those yummy homemade jams and jellies!

9. Canning Set

This is one thing I CANNOT live without! I lived without it for several years and once I finally got it for such a reasonable price I can’t believe I took so long!

10. Electric Juicer

This is not a necessary item for just juicing, but it is a HUGE time saver when making tomato juice or blackberry juice. For years we used a manual hand-crank juicer and it was still better than my mom’s method of a wooden paddle, mesh strainer and cheesecloth. But nothing compares to the electric juicer. This is the one I have and use. Fantastic gifts for homesteaders and gardeners.

11. Garden Cart

I don’t have one of these yet but my mom does and is so handy in the garden. This is on my list this year! hint hint

12. Coveralls

My hubby always has coveralls and one year he got me a pair for Christmas. Another one of my favorite gifts. So handy for going out in the weather to feed chickens and dogs. Not to mention playing in the snow.

13. Heavy Work Coat

Everyone needs a heavy work coat if you live in a colder climate. Unfortunately, I’m not able to live a in a 70 degree year round climate although I would love to. Maybe one of these years. Anyway, this is my heavy coat and it is so warm and durable!

14. Shovel

Forever we just had one shovel and then my boys got old enough to be able to use one so we invested in a couple more like these.

15. Rake

Every gardener needs a rake for leveling out soil and raking up debris.

16. Loppers

This is another one of those items we only had one of but we have a couple hundred trees that the grass needs cut around that you can’t do with the mower or weedeater. Now we have 4 and they come in handy.

17. Wheelbarrow

I only have a 3 wheel wheelbarrow but I’ve heard that some people prefer the 4 wheel one. More great gifts for homesteaders.

18. Leaf Rake

If you have trees, you definitely need a leaf rake!

19. Small Spade or Trowel

We use a small spade a lot for smaller plants and for transplanting. Or a small trowel. Both of these are great!

20. Insulated Thermos

I love the insulated mugs and cups to keep my coffee hot and my water cold. You could even have them personalized with cute sayings for gardeners.

21. Watering Can

Seems like my watering can always gets abused and breaks for some reason. I’m always in need of a new one and bonus if they’re pretty!

22. Hoe

While a tiller is awesome, a hoe can get a lot closer to the plants to get the weeds out.

23. Tiller

A tiller is a must have at our place. This is an expensive gift, but ours has lasted 20 years so far. This is the brand we’ve used and used!

24. Gas-powered post-hole digger

Again an expensive gift so do your research. I couldn’t find the exact one we have. If you have to put up a fence or even plant some large trees, this tool will help you get it done a whole lot faster and easier than the manual one.

25. Manual post-hole digger

For smaller jobs or if you don’t have or know how to use a gas-powered post-hole digger, this one’s for you! Free workout included lol.

26. Chainsaw

My hubby only uses a Stihl. They are more expensive but are so much more durable than the cheaper ones we’ve used. A chainsaw is a must as we have a wood stove to help offset our heating costs.

27. Chainsaw Blades

Get the proper ones for whatever chainsaw you have. If you cut a lot of wood, you can always use another set.

28. Chainsaw blade sharpener

Again, if you cut a lot of wood you might as well sharpen your own blades. This is a unique gift for a homesteader!

29. Small Pruners

This set of small clippers are great for pruning your plants.

30. Leather Gloves

A nice pair of leather work gloves makes a great gift for gardeners to manage those pesky thorns on roses, blackberries, etc.

31. Foodcycler

Turn your scrap food into fertilizer with 2 liter capacity Vitamix foodcycler. Add to your garden for fertilizer. This even breaks down chicken bones!

32. Zorn Hot Sauce

This hot sauce with a lightly sweet, but lots of heat taste is a great gift! Made with love by amazing hubby, this sauce complements any dish.

Hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas gift ideas for homesteaders and gardeners.

If you enjoyed and would like to give your gardener or homesteader one of these gifts, I would greatly appreciate you using my Amazon affiliate links to purchase at no additional cost to you! I truly only recommend things that have worked well for me and my family.


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