Check out these 7 easy steps to propagate blackberries in order to increase your crops. These thornless or tame blackberries solve the problem of dealing with all the thorns. #blackberries #blackberry #propagateblackberries

7 Steps to Propagate Tame Blackberries

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How to Propagate Blackberries

We grow tame or thornless blackberries and can make some extra money from them. Well, did you know that you can propagate these blackberries to basically double your crop? Here are the steps we took to propagate these blackberries.

Step 1

Backing up, blackberries (tame or wild) spread when a long stem touches the ground and gets in contact with the soil, it roots and then starts a new plant.

The first thing to do is find where a new plant has started from the old one. You will see one of the stems from the old plant touching the ground and then usually a single long stem is coming up from the ground.

Step 2

From the old plant clip off the stem close to the ground. You should have just the new stem left of the new plant.

Step 3

Dig up the new plant left in the ground. Be sure to leave a pretty good sized root ball intact.

Step 4

Dig a new hole a little larger than the one you just dug up. Add any soil amendments.

Step 5

Plant the new plant in the hole and backfill making sure their are no air pockets.

Step 6

Water well, add root stimulator according to the directions, and mulch. (We use straw)

Step 7

(optional but will make your life a lot easier when it comes to harvesting)

Make a trellis out of two by fours and wire for the blackberries to climb on.

That’s All

You did it! If you’re like us, you were able to just double your plants and in the next couple of years double your crop! Blackberries don’t usually produce unless the canes are two years old. People around here pay quite a bit of money for blackberries and they’re pretty easy to grow. I personally don’t think the tame ones are as sweet as wild blackberries but they still taste good and you don’t have to mess with thorns.


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How to Grow Blackberries

Update 2021: Here is how we grow blackberries with some updated pictures of our crops. This is still one of the most profitable crops for us and we plan on expanding even more! The exciting thing about growing blackberries is you can easily expand for very little money. 

Although lumber is expensive right now. I am going to add some pictures of what we used from free stuff friends were getting rid of along with some fencing we had left over from other projects. You gotta do what you gotta do!

Growing blackberries on a trellis made out of wood and wire.

  1. Plant early in the spring. If you have plants that you can propagate, now is the time to do this.
  2. Avoid planting too shallow or too deep. Pack the dirt around the roots.
  3. Plant in a sunny location.
  4. Make sure to have well-drained soil.
  5. Weed your blackberry plants. Putting mulch or straw around your plants will help keep the weeds down.
  6. Avoid over-watering. Only water a couple of times a week in really hot weather if they look like they are wilting. Generally if blackberries are native to your area, you won’t really have to water once propagated plants are established.

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