Heat Resistant Vegetables to Grow in Summer

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Planning a garden with heat resistant vegetables is important especially if you live in one of the zones that have sweltering summer months. You may have noticed that trying to grow a food garden in that heat can put up quite an obstacle for you.

If you’ve tried growing vegetables before, and have given up soon after because they seemed to die out regardless of how much water you gave them. It’s time for a change! You want to plan your next vegetable garden using heat resistant crops so that the plants will be able to take more intense sun exposure without wilting or dying from lack of water.

Plants that Can Grow in Hot Weather

Root vegetables are a great way to grow crops in very hot temperatures. But some enjoy the heated climate more than others, such as sweet potatoes. You still need to keep the soil damp for these veggies and they will thrive during seasons where it is both sunny all day long AND warm at night too!

Fast Growing Vegetables in Summer

You can grow your own peppers and never have to worry about the high price or low quality of those bought at grocery stores. Bell pepper plants are easy, but there is a variety for every taste bud out there – from spicy chilis to sweet jalapenos.

If you’re sick of your leafy greens bolting on you, try growing some Swiss chard. This leafy green is not fazed by the hot climate and it can be sauteed or used in salads to keep things exciting.

Heat Resistant Vegetables to Grow in Summer

Another green vegetable that soaks up the heat is okra. This is a hearty vegetable that you can boil, fry or even pickle if you want. You can plant it in the middle of summer and harvest it early for tender pods.

Green beans are a vegetable that can tolerate the heat of summer. They come in different types which is perfect for those who want to plant more than one crop. Bush or pole green beans both have their perks, and you should decide what works best with your garden before planting them during hot months.

Summer Vegetables to Grow at Home

Does your family love corn on the cob? Corn not only tastes good but is also a nutritional powerhouse! Consider adding corn to your garden if you live in the hot zone. Corn does well during summer months and it’s fun for kids of all ages, from toddlers on up, to harvest and cook with parents after they’ve enjoyed an afternoon picking fresh ears themselves.

Eggplants are a versatile vegetable that can be used in hamburger-less burgers, or even as the centerpiece of an Asian dish. Eggplant also does better in hot climates than it does cool ones and needs plenty of water to grow well. However, combine sun with regular watering and you’ll have a thriving crop.

Evaluate which Heat Resistant Vegetables do Well in your Garden

How can you make your garden as successful as possible? You want to maximize the weather and types of food that grow well in a hot climate like yours, so don’t put plants out there if they’re not going to thrive. We’ve got some great organic seed options for you here.

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